To my 21-year-old self

Please keep in mind that the images featured in this post are raw and unedited.

You are so blessed. There is not a doubt about that. This new chapter in your life feels different. Of course, you’re a year older but there is something that feels foreign. It is the new sense of “freedom.” At this point in your life, you have the ability to really do absolutely anything you want to do. Every decision can bring you success and happiness. They can also bring hardships and consequences. To an extent, this concept has always been true, but it feels… it feels like you’re under a microscope. Now is your time to sink or swim. You’re excited about the prospect of life, so that does not scare you too much… but it does a little.  I know you’ll be okay. You have a strong head on your shoulders and an even stronger support system.

You are two and a half years into college. You’re going to school for teaching, though you’re not sure what you want to do for the rest of your life. Well, you’re sort of sure. You dream of documenting your life via films. You dream of having a platform for people who relate to you. Your biggest dream of all? Owning a business. How incredible would it be if you are reading this ten years from now and all of your wildest dreams were your reality? Whether you achieved these goals completely or not, I know you’re close and you’re working hard. You understand the world will not be handed to you. It is going to take some effort and some sacrifices. Just know, YOU GOT THIS. I’m so proud of you.

You’re writing this post to remember who you were at just 21 years old. You’re also curious about what your birthday was like and what made it special. Here’s a snap shot of Wednesday, December 27th, 2017.

After waking up, you began getting ready for the day. You hear the garage door open and it was your dad. The sweetest dad ever brought you flowers, balloons, and the most essential, Starbucks!

image1 (5)

Your parents gave you your gifts. You first opened your parents’ card. In it were heart-felt acknowledgments of your life to that point. Your heart could barely take it.


This is the photo my parent's taped to the back of my birthday card. My dad and I.

You were delighted to find that your next gift was ordered straight from good ol’ Waco, Texas. You have never been to Waco, but Chip and Joanna Gaines are your OBSESSION. Joanna sparked your love for interior design. You were ecstatic, to say the least, when you opened a magnolia coffee mug AND a magnolia silos baseball tee. So precious! Your parents handed you a small bag which a contained a small box inside. It has been over a month since you have opened this gift and you have barely taken it off your body. A “grace” necklace. Considering the title of your blog and what the word means to you, your lovely parents had a necklace made for you. Mostly so that you wouldn’t tattoo the word on your body. Thanks guys.


The necklace.

Your bff came over with her new camera she received as a Christmas gift. You took some photos 🙂


You went for lunch at a Mexican restaurant, your first two legal drink were margaritas! Thanks Mae! After lunch, you scurried on over to the Nickel & Suede shop on the Liberty Square. After losing your first pair of Nickel & Suede earrings at the homecoming tailgate earlier in the semester, your bff’s thought it would be a fun idea to let you pick some new ones out as a gift! They were so right! Leaving the shop, Mae thought it would be fun to take some more photos, as it was sunny out but we still had snow on the ground. Photo-shoot time!!!

(Left) Nickel & Suede Shop. (Right) Photo-shoot on the Liberty Square!

Mae dropped you off and then you went for a another Mexican meal with your parents! More margaritas!!!

Kanoe had family photos at union station. The whole fam picked you up (you were a little tipsy at this point). After dinner, you obviously thought it would be a good idea to keep shooting back margaritas… and the rest… you don’t remember.


I hope you all enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it. I challenge you to write a letter to your future self. I cannot express how therapeutic this was for me to write. Thank-you for stopping by!

x. Lise



Winter Outfit of the Day

Hi loves! I know I have been MIA for awhile and I apologize… after finals were over I was more than ready for a brain break. However, I am back and ready to share some winter outfit details with you! This outfit is actually what I wore on Christmas Eve! It was  the perfect mix of casual and dressed-up. What I really love about this outfit is the potential it has to be built with your own staples and customize it to your liking! Let’s get into the outfit details! OH WAIT, CAN WE TALK ABOUT THE FACT THAT I HAD THE OPPORTUNITY TO TAKE THIS PHOTO WITH A SNOWY BACKGROUND?! It really was a Christmas miracle for us in Kansas City. Okay, now let’s discuss the outfit details, ha.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Here is a link to the exact sweater I am wearing in the photos. It is a really warm knit material and a neutral taupe color. Fifty shades of beige seems to be the common theme for this outfit. The specific sweater I am wearing has a layered wrap detail which adds shape, however, feel free to pair any knit sweater you own with this outfit.

The next thing you need you need to recreate this outfit are your basic blue jeans. Preferably, stick to solid jeans since this outfit is aiming for a more sophisticated vibe.

As for shoes, I am wearing these camel booties I purchased from about two years ago so here are a similar pair! What you want to look for are a thick platform and chunky heel, these will be the most comfortable to wear for a long period of time!

Last and certainly not least is this gorgeous trench coat. Mine was a gift from my mom and it is by Michael Kors. Here is a direct link, however, many similar styles can be found at shops like Forever 21, ASOS, Urban Outfitters, etc. The tan trench coat ties this look together. While it is a staple piece, it also serves as a statement that will not go unnoticed! Since I wore this outfit on Christmas Eve, I wore red lipstick but I think a nude lip would be beautiful as well!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday! Love, Lise.

Merry Christmas. x.

Check out my instagram @lenialisegomez for more photos like the one featured in the post!

Gift Ideas for Her!

Under $50

Under $50

1. Teddy Bear Coat: The fashionista in your life would love to receive this gift. Not only is it very trendy this season, but it is also extremely warm. Any acceptable way to wear fluffy blanket in disguise is a win in my eyes.
2. Yeti Cup: I think any person in your life would be grateful for this gift. It is perfect for keeping your coffee or tea warm when it is chilly out, or keeping your water or tea cool on those hot summer days.
3. Slip-on Vans: Any girl who loves comfort would love this gift. Slip-on shoes are so easy to throw on and run out the door. Vans has a really cute selection but you can also find slip-on shoes at stores like target or forever 21.
4. Matching Pajamas/ Slippers: YAY for PJ’s! I always love getting new pajamas on Christmas morning. This gift is pretty customizable to fit anyone’s personality! So have fun picking out the perfect pair! Don’t forget the cosy slippers to go with!
5. VS Sweat Pants: Obviously I am guilty of always wanting to be comfy. Any college girl would love these. Trust me.
6. Wine: So if you’re stuck on what to get someone, booze are always good option. Whether they are a struggling student or wine loving mama, anyone will greatly appreciate this gift.
7. Candle: All I am going to say is, who doesn’t want their space to smell delicious?
8. Alex and Ani bracelets: These are for the girl that’s always sporting some bling (guilty as charged). These bracelets are really cute and feature various charms so you can pick out the perfect one.
9. CC Ponytail Beanie: I believe these are actually new this season and I LOVE! I don’t know about you but I am always wanting to wear a cute beanie but I also LIVE in my messy top knot, so you see my dilemma…
10. Vinyl/ CD/ Itunes Gift Card: I think everyone loves music, right? You cannot go wrong with this gift.

Under $150

Under $150

1. Bike/Bike Rack: This gift is perfect for the active girl in your life. Bike riding is great exercise and can also be really fun. Add a bike rack for her car so she can take a ride on a nature trail!
2. Chi Straightener: The girl in your life has probably had her straightener for 5-10 years or longer, just saying… probably time for an upgrade…
3. Birkenstocks: These are as basic as basic gets, however, they are comfortable and practical. Whoever she is, she will love ’em.
4. Ray Bans: These are a great present if she has never had any high-end shades! Make sure they are classic so she will be able to sport them for awhile and during any season!
5. Patagonia Quarter Zip: These babies are warm, fuzzy, and cosy. What more could anyone want?
6. Staple Booties: This one is probably good for the fashionista in your life. Staple booties are essential to throw on with any outfit.
7. Clarisonic/ Skin Care: Does she love a good skincare routine? Then she probably would love this gift. Talk about a gift that will keep on giving. All girls love glowy skin!
8. Perfume: You probably have to know the person very well in order to pick this one out.  Some of my favorites are the Ed Hardy, Coach Legacy, and Marc Jacobs Mod Noir.
9. Dry Bar Set: This gift is awesome for the girl who takes pride in her locks. If you notice she always has her hair in pristine condition, she will most likely love this gift.
10. Record Player: Anyone would love a record player! Not only does it play old-school vinyls but you can also connect your phone, so she can jam to  her latest Spotify playlist!

That’s all darlings! Thank-you for stopping by and I hope this guide helped you! Leave me a comment below if you have any questions or send me a message on Instagram (@lenialisegomez)!

Til next time,

x. Lise

Holiday Outfit Inspiration

Happy Holiday Season!

I hope you are all having a lovely holiday break! I want to start off by mentioning that today’s post is a collaboration with Boutique Collective located at The Villages at Briarcliff in Kansas City, MO. I happen to be a sales associate at this local boutique and I cannot express enough how much I LOVE this place. After working here for around 8 months, I think it is safe to say half of my wardrobe is from Boutique Collective. The styles you can find here are extremely on trend and funky, but also stylish and comfortable. I love shopping at boutiques rather than larger corporation retail stores because what you will find at a boutique is usually very different in fun ways. I don’t know about you but I personally enjoy standing out, especially when it comes to fashion.

Everything I am modeling in this post (clothing, jewelry, shoes) are all from Boutique Collective. However, the beauty of the outfits I put together for you guys is that they can all be easily recreated. I provided one outfit for Thanksgiving/ Thanksgiving festivities for this upcoming weekend, one outfit for holiday shopping/ cozy fall/winter nights, one outfit for Christmas, and one outfit for New Year’s Eve!

Without further ado… let’s explore the outfits!


Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Thanksgiving Outfit Inspiration
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Thanksgiving Outfit Inspiration
Processed with VSCO with a5 preset
Thanksgiving Outfit Inspiration

This outfit is so easy to put together! You probably have all these pieces in your closet, but if you don’t, check out Boutique Collective! They have the most adorable and unique sweaters. This shawl is EVERYTHING.

Holiday Shopping/ Lounging/ Casual Gathering

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Cozy Outfit Idea
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Cozy Outfit Idea
Processed with VSCO with a5 preset
Cozy Outfit Idea

OKAY, how cool is this outfit?! I wish you could virtually try on this outfit because not only did I feel like such a bad ass wearing it, but it was also the most comfortable outfit I have ever worn (that wasn’t pajamas). The inside of these pleather leggings feel almost like really smooth, soft suede. This cowl neck sweater is basically a giant cabin sock, a really adorable cabin sock though, haha. Also, let us not forget the earrings. I think these hoops honestly make this outfit. I mean, the pom poms… (insert heart eyes)…


Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
Christmas Outfit Inspiration
Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset
Christmas Outfit Inspiration
Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
Christmas Outfit Inspiration

I was feeling so festive when I tried on this outfit. First of all, am I the only one totally obsessed with this pearl embellishment trend?? I can’t be. It is seriously so darling and adds that extra sass to any outfit. I tucked this skirt into this velvety muted forest green skirt. The skirt in the photos comes off more gray but it is a green color, perfect for this merry holiday. Top it off with some deep red lips girl, and you’re good to go!

New Year’s Eve

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
NYE Outfit Idea
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
NYE Outfit Idea
Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset
NYE Outfit Idea

This outfit is definitely different than something I would normally wear during the winter, however, I am so not opposed to a little color! New Year’s Eve is all about glitz and glam when it comes to fashion, basically, the shinier your outfit, the better. While this sweater is not jeweled, it is a vibrant shade of magenta and I am smitten. Spice up your look even more with fun accessories. These gorgeous gold fringe earrings complete this look.

Though this is the end of my holiday outfit round-up, I’ve got fashion ideas for days…

So let me know if you guys want to see more posts like this and for what occasion! Thank-you to Boutique Collective and my gal pal, Jomarie, for collaborating with me on this project. If you live in the Kansas City area, you must stop by the store at Briarcliff.

Til next time darlings,

x, Lise

12 things!

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Hello lovelies,

I hope you all are having a stress-free Monday! I can’t complain about my day. I’ve packed to go home for Thanksgiving break, studied for my exam tomorrow, lounged around my apartment and attended my Monday evening educational psychology class. Before I get back to studying tonight, I want to get this post out of my system.

This blog post idea is inspired by Aspyn Ovard, one of my favorite YouTubers, though I believe she credits someone else on her blog. So how this works is simple. I am just going to state 12 random things that are on my mind or going on in my life currently. That’s it!

Without further ado… here’s 12 things.

  1. There are literally only like three weeks left of my school semester… YAY!
  2. I’ve been itching to learn more about photography and how to stage a really aesthetically pleasing photo.
  3. HAVE YOU GUYS SEEN CASEY HOLMES’ WEDDING VIDEO?! Omg, I blubbered like a baby (all four times I’ve watched it so far). WAIT, is it Casey Marlar now??
  4. I miss my baby siblings, really hoping my mom will move them from Massachusetts to Missouri one day, preferably within the next few years.
  5. I am so grateful for the family I have, this month of thanks has me thinking about them a little extra. You guys know who you are and I love you all.
  6. I have bomb a$$ friends. I know I am going to cringe reading that in a year but hey, it’s true.
  7. I branched out at Subway the other day. Normally, I just go for a good ole meatball sub but instead I got a turkey sandwich with a bunch of fancy stuff on it, go me!
  8. Last week, my “Earth Science for Teachers” professor made a layered cake in class to demonstrate the layers of sedimentary rock. We got to eat it. It was a good time.
  9. My dad got his real-estate license and signed with a firm. He’s so adorable and I’m a proud daughter.
  10. I seriously cannot wait to stuff my face all weekend during thanksgiving festivities!!!
  11. I worked out with my girl, Kp, two days ago and it hurts to sit on the toilet. Hoping the pain will subside soon.
  12. An exciting collaboration with Boutique Collective in Kansas City is coming up REALLY soon, like within the next couple days so stay tuned!

12 things later, I am fulfilled.

Til next time darlings,

x. Lise

5 Date Ideas for Fall/Winter

Date Ideas

Though autumn has been upon us for awhile, southern Missouri was still sporting temperatures in the high 70’s. You know, that sweater weather in the morning then you want to rip off all your clothes by 1 pm, kind of weather? Yeah. However, the past couple of weeks, temperatures have dropped to low 60’s/ high 50’s, so I don’t know about you but I am feeling a bit more festive. Not to mention Thanksgiving is NEXT WEEK? Uh, how?

We are all approaching a nice little break from work or school and because of the holidays, we all have a little more warmth in our toasty hearts. In honor of these circumstances, I am dedicating this post to none other than, date night! Keep in mind that all these “date” ideas can absolutely work for a girl’s night or for really any loved one you want to spend extra time with this holiday season. Enjoy!

1. Cozy Night In

YEAH, I know, you could have thought of this yourself. Sometimes we get caught up in our daily lives that we force ourselves to go out to release and have a good time but we do not have to! Choose a festive movie, throw on your coziest pj’s (don’t forget those cabin socks), and you’ve got yourself a date night. To spice things up a bit, you could find a festive recipe on Pinterest for hot cocoa or a sweet treat, and make that to enjoy during your movie! If all else fails, whip out that vino blanco, that always does the trick.

2. Coffee Date

Coffee dates are always an intimate time, even more so when the weather is dreary and cool. Head to your favorite Starbucks or local coffee shop and take some time to really dive into conversation if you haven’t in awhile. This idea is perfect if you want some time with your loved one but you’re both really busy. Take an hour or so out of your week to sit and chat.

My favorite drink for the fall and winter months is the Chestnut Praline Latte with soy milk from Starbucks, I wish they had it all year-round. What’s yours? Comment below!

3. Ice-skating/ Bowling

Ice-skating is definitely a basic date idea for the colder months but I thought I would throw it in here in hopes I will take my own advice. I have been ice skating once in my life and I remember it being really fun. I am going to make it a point to go and ice-skate with my babe this year. I also want to highlight bowling, IT IS SO UNDERRATED. My boyfriend and I recently went and it was a blast. Lots of laughs were shared and I can’t ask for more than that.

4. Christmas Lights

This one is one of my favorites and definitely the most festive. Do some research to find the best Christmas light shows in your area. Many times, neighborhoods will collaborate to make a drive-thru Christmas light shows. Grab a cup of joe and bump your favorite holiday tunes while taking a joyride!

5. Holiday Shopping

Nothing puts me more in the holiday spirit than retail! This one can be tricky if your guy or gal is an impatient shopper, however, it can also be extremely fun and entertaining! Go out and knock out Christmas gifts for friends and family while simultaneously checking out new gadgets, like the Nintendo Switch, or flipping through books and magazines at Barnes and Noble. End the evening (or afternoon) with some good ol’ takeout. My boyfriend and I do this probably too often, it’s a good time!

I hope any of these were helpful or inspired you! Until next time darlings.

x. Lise

The perfect autumn day…

Yesterday was Kanoe and I’s three year anniversary and we celebrated by having a day filled with nothing but adventure and a good time. We started the day by getting our first round of Starbucks holiday drinks of the season! My favorite drink of all time is the Chestnut Praline Latte, I wish they had it all year round. After picking up our drinks, we found random railroad tracks that seem to appear all around Springfield (Missouri). This is where all the photos featured in this post were taken. After our mini iphone photoshoot, we went bowling, mini golfing, AND we even pet some puppies at a local animal shelter. It was a perfect afternoon. We wrapped up the evening by enjoying a homemade dinner with some of our close friends. I wanted to share this story so I could always remember what I did on November 3rd, 2017. Enjoy these photos and continue to the end of the post where I tell you a little bit more about how I put together my outfit.

Processed with VSCO with a5 presetProcessed with VSCO with a5 presetProcessed with VSCO with a5 presetProcessed with VSCO with a5 presetProcessed with VSCO with a5 preset

Here’s the run down on how to put this outfit together. Start with a basic pair of jeans. I am wearing blue jeans but I think black would go great as well. For my top, I layered a thin sweater over top a slightly over-sized button-up shirt then belted the two at the waist to show some figure. Pair the outfit with your favorite booties or even sneakers! That’s right, I ended up changing mid-way through the day into low-cut white slip-on converse and it looked great! Lastly, finish the look with your favorite thin, long jacket and a hat. In the photos, I am sporting a bucket hat but I think a conductor hat would look great with this outfit as well.

This outfit is so chic and put-together but in reality, it took me less than five minutes to pair these pieces. Recreating this outfit will also be very simple as all the pieces are staples you probably already have in your closet! As always, I hope you all are having a lovely day and I’ll see you back here soon!

 x. Lise